How can dry magnetic separators be ensured to work?

1. Place the distribution plate at a distance from the magnetic roller.
In the pre-selection process, the distance between the material distribution plate and the magnetic drum is crucial. When the material distribution partitions are too close together, the weaker magnetite nuggets can’t be recovered, which reduces the utilization rate of ore resources; if the partitions are too close together, the magnetite nuggets will not be recovered. As the distance increases, the gangue minerals cannot be separated better, and the grinding grade decreases, which will lead to a decrease in grinding efficiency. The gangue can be fully thrown out, while the magnetic product can be fully recovered, and the recovery rate for dry-separated concentrate can be guaranteed, depending on the ore properties and the distance between the distribution plate and the drum.

dry magnetic separators2 - How can dry magnetic separators be ensured to work?

2. Adjust the distribution plate height of the dry magnetic separator
Separation effect of a magnetic separator is directly influenced by its separation plate. The separation plate is too low, so the extremely poor magnetite blocks cannot be recovered well, so the utilization rate of ore resources is reduced; if the separation plate is too high, the gangue minerals will not be completely discarded, which will affect the separation effect of the dry magnetic separator. By adjusting the height of the dry separation separating plate according to the specific conditions, the dry separation will ensure a certain ratio of tailings, as well as better throw away non-magnetic minerals.


3. Increase the flat feeder, try to make the dry material layer thin and uniform
Generally speaking, the farther the magnetic separator is from the surface of the cylinder, the stronger the magnetic attenuation will be. If the material flow is too thick, the magnetic particles and non-magnetic particles will be mixed with each other, which will affect the separation effect of ore. If the particles can be single-layered on the belt best distribution in. It is required to increase the material layer leveling device before dry selection, and try to use the effective width of the belt to make the dry selection material layer thin and uniform, so as to ensure the dry selection effect.


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