froth flotation reagents

How are flotation reagents classified?

In the process of beneficiation, flotation is the process of enriching minerals from the grinding and grading overflow slurry pulp by taking advantage of the natural hydrophobicity of the minerals. A flotation process requires the treatment of the ground ore with flotation reagents, and stirring and aeration of the slurry pulp in order to separate the various minerals. The minerals that are easy to adhere to the bubbles float with the bubbles and do not adhere to the bubbles. The minerals remain in the pulp to achieve the purpose of mineral enrichment. The various agents used in the flotation process are collectively referred to as flotation agents. In the flotation agents, except for collectors and foaming agents, they are all called regulators.

The role of the regulator is to adjust the role of the collector and the mineral, promote or inhibit the floatability of the mineral; adjust the pH and ion composition of the slurry. Regulators can be divided roughly into pH regulators, activators, inhibitors, dispersants, flocculants, etc.

froth flotation reagents - How are flotation reagents classified?

1. pH regulator
pH regulators include lime, sodium carbonate, sulfuric acid, sulfur dioxide, caustic soda, and so on.
2. Activator
The effect of increasing the floatability of minerals in the flotation process is called activation, and the agents used to change the composition of the mineral surface and promote the interaction of the collector with the mineral surface are called activators.
The activation can be roughly divided into ① spontaneous activation; ② pre-activation; ③ resurrection; ④ vulcanization.
3. Inhibitor
Commonly used inhibitors are sodium sulfide, zinc sulfate, sodium cyanide, potassium dichromate, water glass, lime, yellow blood salt, tannin, starch (dextrin), carboxymethyl cellulose, etc.
4. Flocculant, dispersant


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