High Recovery Rate Environmentally Friendly Gold Extraction Agent

Hello everyone, this is Michelle, I am a beneficiation worker from Dasen Mining.

Since the late 19th century, cyanide has been widely used in gold ore leaching and it still in use today. However, cyanide has many shortcomings in the gold ore leaching process. The most obvious disadvantage is that cyanide as a dangerous product, has extremely high requirements in the process of use and transportation. If it is handled improperly, it will pose a great threat to environmental protection.

As the times require, we have done a lot of research work on environmental protection agents for gold ore dressing, and finally, we found a new type of environmentally friendly chemical that is more effective, convenient, low toxicity, and can perfectly replace cyanide.

Today let’s talk about our Environmental Type Gold Extracting Chemicals,our product is composed of Sodium carbonate, Sodium chloride, Sodium Iodide,Urea, Iron carbide and other components, and is compounded by different kinds of components for gold leaching. The excellent leaching effect makes the new environmentally friendly gold extraction agent widely praised and valued by customers. Compared with the traditional cyanidation agent, the new environmentally friendly gold extraction agent has both similarities and different characteristics. Due to its environmental protection and low toxicity characteristics, it has been paid more and more attention by mining companies, as we know, protecting the environment is our responsibility. So, in the gold extraction process, we recommend using environmentally friendly gold extraction chemicals instead of sodium cyanide. Because this products are easily soluble in water, ready to use after being dissolved in clean water, low toxicity and environmental protection, stable performance, strong applicability, high leaching rate, fast recovery and lower using cost. This chemicals is non flammable, non explosive, non oxidant hazard, non radioactive and no other transport hazard, it can be transported by road, railway, sea and air.

To let more people understand the environmental protection gold leaching agent, and bring a better experience to customers, we can provide 1kg sample for free to the customer. These pictures are a reference for our project in Mali.

Thank you for watching our video,and have goood day!