Gold ore cyanide Country: Nicaragua-Managua

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Nicaragua gold mine cyanide equipment delivery


In September 2023, our laboratory conducted a cyanidation experiment on the gold ore sample sent by the customer. The following are the experimental results:

The raw ore taste is:

Au(g/t): 10-20


The contents of Cu, Pb, Zn, SiO2, C, S, and Fe are also generally low.

After all-element testing, we used environmentally friendly chemicals to conduct mineral processing experiments for customers, and the gold recovery rate could reach over 92%.


The customer’s gold mining area is in the western part of Nicaragua. The gold resources are very rich, which is very suitable for establishing a gold cyanide plant for large-scale mineral processing. However, this is the first time that the customer is doing gold cyanidation. The customer is not clear about tthe equipment, process, and the entire project  and on-site coordination. After comprehensive consideration, the customer chosed 10 tons per day container cyanide plant as the initial processing plant. After the 10 tons per day container cyanide plant can be profitable, the customer will plan to increase the processing capacity and expand the scale of the processing plant.


Below is a picture of a 10TPD container cyanide plant shipment:

In addition to the equipment we produce, the goods contained in the container also include on-site installation tools, electrical tools, smelting materials, as well as environmentally friendly chemicals, activated carbon and other consumables.

gold leaching - Gold ore cyanide     Country: Nicaragua-Managua