Gold in 10 TPD? This Mobile Plant Makes it Possible!

Tired of waiting for a large-scale gold processing plant to be built? We have exciting news! Our recent African customer just unlocked the power of our innovative 10tpd mobile gold CIL plant. This revolutionary system allows you to transform gold ore into gleaming ingots directly on-site, all within a compact, containerized design.

mini portable gold wash plant 1 - Gold in 10 TPD? This Mobile Plant Makes it Possible!

Here’s what makes this mobile plant a goldmine for small-scale miners:

Fast Track to Profits: Get operational and see a potential return on investment within 1 month of production (based on good-grade ore).
Minimize Risk, Maximize Gold: This pilot-scale plant allows you to test your operations and refine your gold extraction process before committing to a larger facility.
All-Inclusive Solution: Three pre-assembled containers house everything you need: crushing and grinding, gold leaching, and even an analytical electrolysis system for final gold separation.
Unmatched Efficiency: Our optimized system boasts a gold recovery rate of over 90%, ensuring you extract maximum value from your ore.
Simple Operation: Skip complex setup – all water systems and electrical controls are pre-installed. Just open the containers and start processing!

Here’s a breakdown of the magic happening within each container:

Container 1: Crushing & Grinding: A jaw crusher, conveyor belt, hammer crusher, vibrating feeder, ball mill, and hydrocyclone efficiently break down your ore, with an initial gold capture using a mercury plate (environmentally friendly alternatives available).
Container 2: Gold Leaching: A thickener adjusts the ore pulp density before it’s mixed with a safe chemical agent. The gold is then leached and absorbed by activated carbon, achieving exceptional recovery rates.
Container 3: Gold Recovery & Smelting: Once saturated with gold, the carbon undergoes desorption using an electrolytic process. The resulting gold mud is then smelted to produce pure gold ingots.
This mobile gold CIL plant is a game-changer for serious miners seeking a low-investment, high-return solution. Contact us today and unlock the gold rush potential within your reach!

mini portable gold wash plant 1 1 - Gold in 10 TPD? This Mobile Plant Makes it Possible!mini portable gold wash plant 2 - Gold in 10 TPD? This Mobile Plant Makes it Possible!