Gold heap leaching operation in cold weather

Gold heap leaching operation is generally determined according to the climate environment. It can work all year round in tropical areas to avoid plum rain season (to prevent waterlogging from affecting the leaching effect). In subtropical areas, it is generally from March to November (the leaching effect is the best). So in polar areas, how and when to heap leaching?

For gold heap leaching, input costs are the first thing to consider in most mining areas. The profit per ton is not objective. It mainly depends on the processing capacity of a gold mine, so the cost per ton should be considered. Generally, it follows the construction and stacking in winter, and normal leaching in other seasons. To improve gold recovery. In the extremely cold regions, the time window (which means that the time window may only be extended for one or two months a year, and the preparation for construction or mining in other times) can be well planned and prepared, so as to effectively improve the recovery of gold mines.

HEAP LEACHING - Gold heap leaching operation in cold weather

As technology and operations have advanced, gold heap leaching operations have entered a gradually colder region. So how do we solve the problem that the solution is frozen (the pump cannot work) under low-temperature conditions, and the low-temperature agent reacts slowly?

As a result of such conditions as well as spraying techniques commonly used in heap leaching, an ice layer forms, which inhibits leaching by keeping the stock of solution on the heap’s surface and stopping its penetration. In order to increase the leaching time and the production of precious metals, several methods have been developed, and other methods can also be considered.

  • 1. Ice can be prevented from forming on the pile’s surface by heating the solution. A submerged combustion heater was used due to its high thermal efficiency. By using this method, the circulating solution is heated economically, but a large amount of carbon dioxide is dissolved in the alkaline solution. The combination of this carbon dioxide and the existing calcium ions makes the existing pipeline fouling problem more serious. A heat exchanger can be installed instead of submerged combustion, and it has been successfully used ever since.


  • 2. In buried irrigation, an irrigation system is arranged on the pile surface, and then enough ore is added to prevent the irrigation system from freezing. When the weather gets warmer, the ore cover layer is sprayed from above to leach the top material.

HEAP LEACHING PUMP - Gold heap leaching operation in cold weather

But in extremely cold areas, we generally recommend re-election and rapid processing.
We also have customers doing heap leaching of oxide gold in Russia. The time window is very limited. However, the customer has plans, preparations, and management in place. Therefore, the heap leaching plant of the gold mine is operating normally, and the leaching rate reaches 68%.

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