From lead-zinc ore, how can silver mining process?

How to extract silver from lead-zinc ore by heap leaching? The first step is to determine whether the lead-zinc ore is sulfide or oxidized, and whether the silver is angular silver ore, natural silver and silver pyroxene, which are easy to dissolve in cyanide solution, or dark red silver ore, light red silver ore, selenium silver ore, and sulfur antimony copper silver ore, which are difficult to dissolve.

Determine the leaching conditions of cyanide after clarifying the physical phase of the ore. Zinc oxide ore dissolves easily in cyanide solution, particularly smithsonite (ZnCO3), red zinc ore (ZnO) and water zinc ore (3znco3*2H2O), which consumes a great deal of cyanide, and the generated Zn (CN) 2 corrodes the gold particles and hinders the dissolution of silver.

The cyanidation of gold and silver is beneficial when the ore contains a small amount of lead. The lead can eliminate the harmful effects of alkali metal sulfide in the cyanidation solution. Lead salt can precipitate S2 – in the generated Na2S into PBS during leaching silver sulfide (AGS), in order to promote silver dissolution in cyanidation solutions; however, it does not act in the same way with complex silver sulfate ores.

There is a certain effect of excessive lead on the leaching rate of gold and silver. With an increase in lime dosage, the leaching rate of gold and silver will decrease.

The following measures can be taken in order to treat silver bearing ores:

①Leaching with high concentrations of cyanide solution (0.2 * 0.6% NaCN) to dissolve silver.

② Leached heap ore should have good porosity and permeability to provide oxygen required for silver dissolution.

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