Environmental Protection Statement of Gold Extracting Chemicals

For customers who value environmental protection, how to treat tailings after cyanide treatment to prevent environmental pollution is a significant issue.

Today, we will provide a brief statement on this issue.

Firstly, compared to sodium cyanide, environmentally friendly gold extracting chemicas is more environmentally friendly. However, if we delve deeper into their composition, they are not 100% non-toxic and harmless. And, environmentally friendly gold extracting chemicals is made through special combinations. Even when discharged directly after cyanide treatment, they can still degrade naturally and the degradation time will not be too long.

In addition, if you want to achieve better environmental protection effects, you can add a certain amount of bleaching powder to the tailings after cyanide treatment (the amount of bleach powder is added according to the chemicals content in the tailings), and then discharge it. This will not cause any harm to the environment, and the soil that buries the tailings can still be used to plant crops normally after a period of time.
Here is a brief introduction to our environmentally friendly extracting chemicals. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us at any time.

This environmental protection gold extracting chemicals is a new high-tech product for using in gold leaching as the substitute for sodium cyanide. At present, this environmental protection gold extracting chemicals is the latest generation of product for ’Environmental Friendly Gold Extraction’around the world.

Gold Extracting Chemicals2 - Environmental Protection Statement of Gold Extracting Chemicals


1.Environmental-friendly gold extraction, green production

The product belongs to the ordinary commodity which appraised by authoritative departments.

2.Short leaching time

This chemicals has the advantage of short leaching time(less than 15-30% compared with sodium cyanide) and faster leaching velocity.

4.Stable function

With addition of effective stabilizer, it can reduce the disturbance cause by hazardous material such as As, S, and C, etc.

5.Convenient to use

This chemicals can be easily dissolved in water.

6.Widely using

It can be used in technique of production of gold heap leaching, spraying and agitation leaching (carbon pulp) and so on.