Do you have a plan for flotation of tantalum and niobium ore with flotation machines?

Generally, it is necessary to perform rough separation in order to concentrate tantalum flotation. due to tantalum and niobium’s extremely low concentrations in ores.

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Flotation of tantalum-niobium ore using flotation machines:

Fine-grained tantalum-niobium ore is usually treated by flotation and combined processes. When there are tantalum niobium ore, pyrochlore, calcite and apatite in the original ore, gangue minerals can be floated first, and then tantalum niobium ore and pyrochlore can be floated.
Gangue mineral flotation is carried out in an alkaline medium, with water glass and ammonium sulfate as inhibitors, and oleic acid as collectors.
For flotation of tantalum-niobium ore in an acidic medium, use hydrocarbyl sulfate sodium salt as a collector, or use oleic acid as a collector in a neutral medium.

When there are tantalum-niobium ore, mica, spodumene and other minerals in the raw ore, it is necessary to deslime first, and then flotation of mica with a cationic collector. After the tailings are treated with alkali, mixed flotation is carried out, and the tailings are discarded.
After the concentrate is treated with acid, tantalum and niobium flotation is carried out, and sodium sulfate is added for the selection and sweeping in the acid pulp. The concentrate is tantalum and niobium concentrate, and the tailings are spodumene and other minerals.

Flotation machine: Flotation machines are used to sort nonferrous and ferrous metals, as well as non-metals   such as coal, fluorite and talc. The flotation machine is driven by the motor V-belt to drive the impeller to rotate, which generates a centrifugal effect to form a negative pressure. Initially, sufficient air is inhaled to mix with the pulp, then the pulp is mixed with the medicine, and the foam is refined at the same time in order to bind the mineral. Form mineralized foam when they float to the surface of the slurry. Using the scraper, scrape out the useful foam by adjusting the gate height and liquid level.

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Tantalum-niobium ore: tantalum-niobium ores refers to the general term for minerals containing tantalum and niobium. There are hundreds of species. Which can be used for ore mining, mainly from tantalite, niobium iron ore and pyrochlore. Tantalum (Ta) and niobium (Nb) are all rare metals with high melting point (tantalum 2996°C, niobium 2468°C) and high boiling point (tantalum 5427°C, niobium 5127°C). gas, corrosion resistance, superconductivity, unipolar conductivity and high strength at high temperatures. It is used for the preparation of tantalum oxide and niobium oxide, and the extraction of tantalum and niobium.

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