Dasenmining shipping electric selection equipment to Nigeria

Shipments of electric selection equipment are being made to Nigeria

Our team is thrilled to announce the shipment of a full container filled with advanced mineral processing equipment to Nigeria! Tin, tantalum, niobium, and tungsten can be efficiently recovered by a powerful trio of electromagnetic separators, double roller magnetic separators, and single roller magnetic separators.

The shipment represents a significant step forward for our commitment to the Nigerian mining industry. We’ve established a local office and warehouse in Nigeria, demonstrating our long-term vision for the region. This allows us to ensure swift equipment delivery and ongoing support for your mining operations.

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Another key advantage is our firsthand experience. Our team has extensively explored Nigerian mine sites, gaining a deep understanding of the unique characteristics of your local ores. We’re also actively involved in building projects within the country, which provides our technicians with invaluable real-world experience in Nigerian mineral beneficiation. As a result, we are able to recommend the most effective solutions for your specific requirements based on our comprehensive knowledge base.

We’re confident we can become a valuable partner for your success by combining innovative equipment with local presence and expert knowledge. The Nigerian mining industry deserves our support as it grows and prospers!