Dasen: Exploring the Metal Tin Ore Processing Plant in Laoluo

Hello everyone, today I will further introduce the second stop of the Dasen trip, which is Lao Luo’s metal tin ore concentrator. This is a very practical field exploration. We not only have engineers to provide on-site guidance, but also business managers to participate in the entire process, ensuring efficient on-site production.



An on-site introduction to Lao Luo’s tin processing flowsheet.

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DasenMining team’s trip to Nigeria-Tin Extraction (Lao Luo’s tin ore processing plant). Here I’ll show you some of the differences we found.


Metal Tin Ore Concentrator Plant Equipment and Operations

First, we saw many zirconium-tin ores packed in bags and neatly stacked in the warehouse. If transportation is required, a bulldozer is on standby to ensure continuous production.


Inside the mineral processing plant, equipment is displayed according to the requirements of engineers to ensure the integrity of the production process and ensure high output of tin ore. The main equipment includes three-disk electromagnetic separator, magnetic separator, vibrating screen and shaker, etc.


tin ore processing - Dasen: Exploring the Metal Tin Ore Processing Plant in Laoluo


Dasen offers a fast and convenient purchasing channel

The three-disc electromagnetic separator plays a very important role in tin processing | extraction and refining. It can effectively separate various strongly magnetic mineral mixtures. We even sell this device in overseas warehouses, and the warehouse is in Jos, Nigeria. On March 20, 2024, our second batch of three-reel machines has arrived safely in Nigeria. If you need to know more details or purchase, please contact us as soon as possible. Contact number: Whatsapp: +86 133 1927 7356.


Details of processing tin ore:三盘机 three disc 6 - Dasen: Exploring the Metal Tin Ore Processing Plant in Laoluo

If you are interested in how these equipment process tin ore, please contact our staff or view related information.


Through this field trip, we have a deeper understanding of the processing process of tin ore beneficiation. We will continue to work hard to provide customers with better products and services to meet market demand.