Cuprite flotation technique procedure

Cuprite is an oxide mineral with small hardness, high density, and red appearance. It is formed from copper sulfide after weathering. The ore grade is high. The flotation technique procedure is mostly used for beneficiation. The main recovery methods include the conventional sulfide flotation method, hydrothermal sulfide flotation method, fatty acid flotation method, etc.

Cuprite - Cuprite flotation technique procedure

In terms of economic development, copper mines play a crucial role. Copper participates in the manufacturing of power transmission, communication cables, motor manufacturing, integrated circuits, energy petrochemicals, ships, automobiles, airplanes, railways, etc., and has a wide range of applications.

With the reduction of easy-to-select copper sulfide resources and the country’s growing demand for copper resources, everyone turned their attention to the more difficult-to-select other cuprite-type copper oxide ore. The copper content can reach 85%, which is very useful.

1. Sulfidation flotation method

In conventional sulfidation flotation, sodium sulfide or sodium hydrosulfide is generally used to sulfide the ore, and then xanthate is used as a collection agent. When using this method, the lower the pH value of the pulp, the faster the vulcanization rate.
But it has a drawback, that is, vulcanizing agents such as sodium sulfide are easy to oxidize and lose their effect. When using this method for flotation, the vulcanizing agent should be added in batches.

2. Hydrothermal sulfide flotation method

Hydrothermal sulfide flotation is an improved method of conventional flotation. In this process, sulfur is heated to cause a reaction between ore and sulfur to create copper sulfide minerals, which are recovered in warm water.
As a result, copper ore undergoes a stronger pre-sulfurization process and is floated in warm water. However, the existing problems are also obvious. They require high temperatures, consume a lot of fuel, and take a long time for the reaction, which makes it difficult to carry out large-scale promotion.

3. Fatty acid flotation method

Fatty acid flotation method is also called the direct flotation method. The collector is replaced by fatty acid and its soap. However, there are many restrictions on this method. Foreign concentrators using this method usually need to add sodium sulfide and xanthate to assist flotation, or even directly change to sulfide flotation.
It is suitable for the treatment of sulfide oxidized mixed ore containing carbonate gangue. During flotation, the sulfide minerals are floated with xanthate, and the tailings are then floated out of the residual minerals with fatty acid.

copper flotation - Cuprite flotation technique procedure

Flotation equipment for cuprite

Flotation equipment is essential for any treatment method you choose. Our common flotation equipment is flotation machines.

The flotation machine can fully stir and inflate the pulp to make the ore particles selectively adhere to the bubbles, float to the surface of the pulp and then be scraped out to achieve the purpose of mineral separation.

⌈Flotation machines can generally be divided into mechanical stirring type, aerated stirring type and aerated type.⌋

①The mechanical stirring flotation machine relies on impellers and other machinery to stir the slurry, which is an external air self-suction flotation machine;

②The aerated and stirred flotation machine is equipped with a mechanical stirring device and a special fan to force air in;

③The inflatable flotation machine has no mechanical stirring device and can only use the air provided by a special compressor.

浮选机2 scaled - Cuprite flotation technique procedure

Dasen Mining introduces the flotation technique procedure and main equipment for copper ore flotation. Cuprite ore contains high copper content and is rich in mineral resources in many parts of our country. However, it is also an objective fact that cuprite ore is difficult to sort, so the correct flotation method and equipment must be selected.

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