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How do Chinese customs handle copper imports?

With nearly 14 million tons of copper consumed every year, China consumes about 60-70% of the total global consumption, more than all other countries combined. China’s copper mine market demand is still expanding from the standpoint of supply and demand. But what is the standard by which China imports copper ore?

Copper, chemical symbol Cu, atomic number 29, is ductile, thermally conductive, and electrically conductive. It is widely used in electrical, mechanical manufacturing, medicine, construction, national defense, and other fields. The second-largest non-ferrous metal in my country, its consumption is second only to aluminum. In addition to recycling, copper ore is the most important source of copper metal. As a large copper consumer, my country’s domestic copper ore output is far from meeting demand, and most of it needs to be imported from abroad. Customs statistics show that, from January to October 2021, my country’s copper ore and concentrate imports reached 19.165 million tons, up 6.3% from the same period last year.

铜矿矿山 - How do Chinese customs handle copper imports?

Today, Dasen mining will lead you to understand the knowledge of copper import.
Copper ores imported from overseas can be classified into copper ore and copper concentrate based on their status and copper content.

Name Definition
Copper ore This type of copper ore refers to the sand-like copper ore mined from copper ore and beneficiated into high copper quality but generally unable to meet the concentrated standard.
Copper concentrate YS/T308-2007, the copper concentrate industry-standard, defines copper concentrate as a copper ore that has a copper content (mass fraction) greater than 13% obtained by flotation of copper-bearing ore.

Companies need to prepare the following materials when applying:
1. Packing list/invoice/contract;
2. Ocean bill of lading;
3. Test report (quality certificate, weight certificate, etc.);
4. Automatic import license;
5. Description of pricing method;
6. Declaration elements;
7. Other information.


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