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Centrifugal gravity separation combined with flotation has what advantages?

In the last issue, we talked about the advantages of centrifugal gravity separation process combined with shaker gravity separation. In this issue, we will introduce the application of centrifugal gravity separation process in flotation process.

The application of the centrifugal gravity separation process in the flotation process can reduce the pollution emission of flotation. It can be used for waste pre separation before flotation to realize process simplification, environmental protection, high efficiency, low consumption, low emission and low pollution. In the face of the lower and lower grade of mineral resources, minerals are more and more difficult to separate, coupled with the environment of environmental protection and energy-saving policies.

Some flotation beneficiation processes can not produce too much economic benefits. Even there is no economic benefit. At this time, if the combined process of “centrifuge roughing + flotation concentration” is adopted and the centrifugal roughing is used instead of the original flotation roughing, the use of flotation reagent in the roughing process can be effectively reduced.Centrifuges have a large capacity and high yield, and can throw waste up to 80%.


Here is a parameter comparison between centrifuge and common flotation equipment on the market.

Equipment Capacity(t/d) power consumption(d) floor space(m3)
centrifuge 600-800 888kw 9
Flotation machine 120-480 888kw 22
Flotation column 288-480 1800kw 4

As you can see in the table, the centrifuge has about twice the processing capacity of the flotation equipment, the power consumption is the same as that of the flotation column, and the floor area is only 40% of that of the flotation machine, 2.25 times that of the flotation column.

The combined process of “centrifuge roughing + flotation concentration” is used. Before flotation, the materials are discarded by centrifuge, which can effectively reduce the use of flotation reagent by more than 80%. At the same time, the discharge and treatment capacity of drug-containing wastewater are also reduced by more than 80%.

As the plant’s daily processing capacity increases, its advantages become more apparent, and it is an excellent solution to improve environmental protection indicators through flotation beneficiation.

离心机工作现场图 - Centrifugal gravity separation combined with flotation has what advantages?

All mine owners who are facing the pressure of environmental protection and energy consumption can consider our centrifugally beneficiation equipment. For more knowledge about mineral processing, please follow us. or contact us:Whatsapp:+8613319277356 Email:[email protected]

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