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Can manganese be concentrated using a jig concentrator?

Manganese ore dressing equipment comes in many forms. Among them is the manganese ore magnetic separator. Additionally, there is a type of gravity dressing equipment for manganese oxide ore called a jig concentrator. The results are excellent, and it has a good effect on the gravity beneficiation of manganese oxide ores as well.

In the case of manganese minerals, a strong magnetic separator can be used to recover the metal. Manganese mineral beneficiation process at Dasen Mining is mainly magnetic separation, divided into two steps: strong magnetic roughing and medium magnetic cleaning, which can improve manganese ore grades by 4-10%, and bring rich benefits to the concentrator.

Malaysia’s manganese ore beneficiation plant. Raw ore contains a high mud content, so it is cleaned first with a drum washing machine. Using a vibrating screen, three particle sizes – 0-8mm, 8-30mm, and 30-50mm – are separated and then sent to 2ltc-6109 / 8t AM30 and 2ltc-912 jigs for sorting. Concentrates can contain up to 40% manganese after jig beneficiation.

This is the small particle manganese ore selected by jig machine.

manganese crusher liners 2 - Can manganese be concentrated using a jig concentrator?

This is a large granular jig concentrator for ores.

manganese crusher liners 1 - Can manganese be concentrated using a jig concentrator?


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