Can lithium carbonate be extracted from lepidolite in industry?

With the popularity of the lithium battery industry in recent years, many enterprises are investing in the construction of lithium mica processing enterprises, especially in Yichun, Jiangxi Province. However, the progress has been very slow, which has to be worrying. Do these enterprises anticipate that the lithium mica refining production line they have constructed will fail eventually?

lepidolite1 - Can lithium carbonate be extracted from lepidolite in industry?

Clearly, it is the case. In addition to relevant technical data and patents, there are many factories in Yichun, Xinyu, Ganzhou and Hebei. At present, the technology of many factories is relatively backward, and the yield is low. Theoretically, 11 tons of lithium mica can be used to make one ton of lithium carbonate, but they need 15 or even 18 tons, and the product quality is poor, and the production cost remains high. Benefiting from the current vigorous development of new energy vehicles, lithium carbonate prices remain high, so higher production costs only affect profits. Once the industry is depressed or other alternative technologies appear, these factories will be eliminated first. I have many friends who work in this field, so we will be able to communicate further.

At present, there is indeed a revolutionary breakthrough in extracting lithium from lepidolite. According to the practice of our factory, the slag contains 0.12 lithium oxide, and the slag content is 1.5 times. For more than 4 mines, the comprehensive recovery rate is close to 90, and the recovery rate of 3.5 is 85. The processing fee for one ton of lithium hydroxide monohydrate is only more than 30,000, and the processing fee for one ton of lithium carbonate is 25,000. To process one ton of lithium carbonate from spodumene, the cost of purchasing the ore alone is more than 70,000 yuan. As long as lepidolite’s price does not increase, it still has a great advantage.

A relatively mature technology can be used to extract lithium silicate from lepidolite by compressing and calcining it.

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