electrostatic separation

Arc plate electrostatic separation method to long beach client

We transported an arc-plate electrostatic separation method to long beach clients in the USA today.

Electrostatic separation uses the difference of electrical properties of materials in a high-voltage electric field to achieve the purpose of separation. When the materials are brought to the high-voltage electric field acted by corona electrode through the rotating drum, the materials are reused by various electric power, centrifugal force and gravity. Due to the different electrical properties and stress states of various materials, the trajectory of materials when falling is different, so as to separate metal and non-metal mixtures.

弧板电选机2 1 - Arc plate electrostatic separation method to long beach client
This machine uses the difference in electrical conductivity of minerals and the difference in the electrostatic force of the minerals acting on these minerals through the electric field as the basis for sorting under the action of electric field force and gravity. It is suitable for the separation of conductive minerals and non-conductive minerals to obtain high-grade conductive mineral concentrates and non-conductive mineral concentrates: such as rutile ore, zircon ore, etc. It can be used in conjunction with single-disc machines, double-disc machines, permanent magnet machines, electromagnetic machines, etc. This machine is equipped with a 0-45000 volt high-voltage generator, and can also be used to sort high-phosphorus ores and hard-to-select rutile ore.

Various dry metal and non-metal mixtures can be separated using high voltage electrostatic separation method. The high-voltage electrostatic separator can only sort the materials with very small particle size, which is not suitable for the sorting of large particle materials. The materials must be crushed before sorting. The diameter of the materials that can be sorted by the high-voltage electrostatic separator is 0.04 ~ 1mm.

Features of electrostatic separation machine:
1. High efficiency and the maximum separation effect can reach 99%.
2. The unit energy consumption per ton of waste circuit boards is only about 1 / 2 of that of similar domestic products; The processing capacity of the complete set of equipment is up to 1 ton per hour.
3. Less labor and automatic operation.
4. Small floor area. The equipment is placed flexibly.

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