Why can Dasen’s sodium cyanide be exported overseas?

Sodium cyanide is an important chemical raw material used in basic chemical synthesis, electroplating, gold refining, organic synthesis of medicines and pesticides and in metal treatment, it is used as complexing agent and masking agent. We produce solid cyanide with a content of more than 98% and are exported to various overseas countries and fields.

The following are pictures of our factory and pictures of customers visiting the warehouse.

图片6 - Why can Dasen's sodium cyanide be exported overseas?

Sodium cyanide is a highly toxic product, so our entire process of production, packaging, and transportation is very strict. We have government-approved certificates of conformity in every aspect.

Customers importing cyanide solid must also have a certificate of conformity approved by the government to ensure safety and smooth customs clearance. Customers also need to provide us with end-user certificates for filing.