ore of lead and zinc

What is the process ore of lead and zinc?

Among many minerals, ore of lead and zinc is a relatively difficult ore. In general, lead-zinc ore is leaner and the associated components are more complex than rich ore. Therefore, in the beneficiation industry, it is important to separate lead-zinc ore efficiently.

As a result of an analysis of mining history and current technology, the mining extraction method has improved. Heavy, durable and compact mining equipment improves cost-effectiveness and mining efficiency.

铅锌矿 - What is the process ore of lead and zinc?

knowledge of zinc mining and processing:

Zinc is used in many aspects of our lives, such as coatings and compounds. Zinc is an important material whether used in domestic or industrial environment.

The following topics will more specifically describe the use, mining methods and beneficiation process ore of lead and zinc!


  • What is the use of zinc?
    Anti-corrosion coating for steel, brass and other metals
    Construction materials
    Die-casting precision components
    Making brass
    Cosmetics and medicines
    Micronutrients for humans, plants and animals
    Semiconductor characteristics

Where is zinc mining?

The Red Dog Mine in Alaska is the world’s largest zinc mine, but zinc mines can be found in 50 countries around the world. Among the more than 50 countries, the world’s largest zinc producers are Canada, Australia, China, Peru and the United States. Some zinc mines located in Canada, Australia, Ireland and Namibia will be closed due to exhaustion in the past ten years. Sedimentary rocks, volcanic rocks, intrusive rocks, crushed ore, or Mississippi valleys are the most common types of zinc deposits.

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Zinc mining process

More than 80% of zinc is extracted from underground mines. 8% of zinc is mined in open pits, while the remaining 12% is mined by these two methods. Once removed from the soil, the concentrate is baked at a temperature of 950 degrees Celsius, which oxidizes zinc, sulfur and iron. The zinc and iron oxides will be reduced to powder form and filtered with dilute sulfuric acid, followed by neutralization and removal of contaminants by filtering. Zinc will be transformed into its final form in the foundry.

Lead-zinc ore beneficiation process

The characteristics of lead-zinc mineral resources determine that the lead-zinc beneficiation process is mainly flotation. The flotation process of lead-zinc ore is divided into priority flotation process flow, mixed flotation process flow, etc. flotation process flow, asynchronous flotation Process flow, branched stream flotation process flow, flash flotation process flow and fast flotation process flow and other types.

Different processing methods should be developed for different types of lead-zinc ore. Therefore, the process flow can reflect the process characteristics of the ore being processed. According to the changes in properties of the ore and the adoption of new processes to improve the technical and economic indicators, the process of lead-zinc ore dressing should be improved over time. Flotation consists of two aspects: the flotation principle process and the internal structure of the flotation process.

铅锌矿选矿流程 - What is the process ore of lead and zinc?

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