What is common ore mineral?

Common ore mineral are generally divided into metallic ores and non-metallic ores. Mineral ores are aggregates of minerals from which useful components can be extracted or which possess certain properties that can be exploited.

Ore composition: Ore is generally composed of ore minerals and gangue minerals. Metal or non-metallic minerals that are found in the ore are called ore minerals, also known as useful minerals.

Minerals called gangue minerals to occur in association with ore minerals and cannot be utilized temporarily, and are also called useless minerals.

矿石的种类 - What is common ore mineral?

These minerals have metallic or semi-metallic luster, come in various metallic colors (such as lead ash, iron black, gold, etc. ), are opaque, non-conductive, and have good thermal conductivity. In most cases, these compounds are heavy metals, mainly sulfides and oxides, such as galena (PBS) and magnetite (Fe3O4); in some cases, they are metallic simple substances, such as natural gold (AU).

金属矿石 - What is common ore mineral?

Nonmetallic minerals mainly include diamond, graphite, crystal, corundum, asbestos, mica, gypsum, fluorite, gem, jade, agate, limestone, dolomite, quartzite, ceramic soil, refractory clay, marble, granite, salt ore, phosphate ore, etc.

非金属矿石 - What is common ore mineral?

How are common ore mineral formed?

Minerals are the products of various geological processes in nature. Depending on the process and energy source, natural processes can be divided into endogenesis, exogenesis, and metamorphism. During endogenesis, the energy comes from the earth’s interior, such as volcanism and magmatism; during exogenesis, the energy comes from the sun, water, atmosphere, and organisms (such as weathering and sedimentation); and during metamorphism, the minerals change under a certain amount of pressure and temperature.


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