Using ore slag and barren solution for pit leaching?

As a method of gold leaching, the leaching pits system has the characteristics of a simple process, less investment in large equipment, relatively low overall cost, quick effect and high recovery rate, and is widely used in gold mines.

This video wants to tell you about the treatment of ore slag and barren solution.

The pit leaching process is as follows, which is a closed circle. The leaching solution or barren solution can be recycled under normal circumstances. The normal conditions mean that minerals are relatively clean, free of arsenic, and heavy metals are normal, so the solution can be circulated eight or ten times. After a batch of leaching is completed, we only need to deal with the ore slag in the leaching pit. The ore slag in the leaching pit, after the water runs away, will not be wet in a day or two, and it can be dug out manually or with an excavator. Then add bleaching powder to the slag, and it can be discharged when the discharge standard is met.

图片1 - Using ore slag and barren solution for pit leaching?

There is another situation, after a batch of leaching is completed, the barren solution also needs to be replaced. If the previous batch of ore contains other hazardous elements, and the various metals in it are seriously exceeding the standard, resulting in various heavy metals in the barren liquid, which will pollute the activated carbon and cause the adsorption rate to drop, and will especially affect the leaching of the next pit of normal ores, then the barren liquid will need to be replaced, then treat it with bleach to discharge.

In a pit leaching project we did in India, the content of harmful metals such as arsenic and copper in it is high, which will cause the harmful elements of the barren solution to exceed the standard, so the barren solution cannot be recycled, which will affect the recovery rate, and it needs to be replaced every time.

The gold process of the leaching pits system may seem simple, but in the process, from the construction of the leaching pool to the smelting of gold-loaded carbon, there are various details that need to be paid attention to. We will discuss more details about pit leaching with you next time.

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