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Gravitational separation, how is tungsten sand selected?

Tungsten sand ore: what is it?

Tungsten ore is a precious rare metal, known as the “tooth of industry”. Tungsten minerals include wolframite and scheelite. Scheelite and wolframite coexist.
Tungsten sand ore refers to ore containing tungsten sand, of which tungsten sand refers to tungsten-containing materials that can be used in industry. %-45%, and the former refers to the raw ore extracted from the mine, and the grade of tungsten trioxide does not exceed 10%. Tungsten sand can be mainly divided into wolframite and scheelite. The chemical composition of wolframite is tungstate, and the chemical composition of scheelite is calcium tungstate, but the properties and uses of the two are basically the same.


Let me introduce the separation method for tungsten sand ore today.

A tungsten sand ore is a mixture of tungsten and sand with a relatively small amount of tungsten. However, in recent years, with the shortage of sand and stone resources, the price has continued to rise. Therefore, tungsten gravitational separation is added to the equipment flow in the sand making and sand washing yard containing a small amount of tungsten ore. In most cases, tungsten ore is used as an additional product, which greatly increases the efficiency of the enterprise.

钨、锡、钽铌矿选矿工艺流程 - Gravitational separation, how is tungsten sand selected?

So how to select and configure tungsten equipment is particularly important. Pay attention to our Dasen mining, and we will tell you about the gravitational separation of tungsten sand ore.
In general, tungsten sand tailings fall into two categories: tungsten tailings that were discarded after sorting decades ago, and tungsten sand ore that was formed by river sedimentation. The former needs large-scale equipment investment because of low tungsten grade and difficult sorting. Therefore, general small and medium-sized enterprises do not have the investment conditions. The separation process of tungsten sand ore is much simpler.

Because sawtooth jig, 6S shaker and other beneficiation equipment can be added to recover most of tungsten ore in the process of sand making and sand washing, this equipment has been widely used.

How to use jig and shaking table in tungsten sand ore separation?
Because tungsten ore is generally mixed with sand particles less than 3mm, the sand particles need to be screened in the first step. The coarse particles are used as sand-making raw materials, and the fine particles enter the jig for separation. Generally speaking, it can be enriched to more than 10 times the grade of raw ore, and then the concentrate from the jig will be sent to the 6S shaker for sorting. At this time, the slope, water consumption, stroke and punching times of the shaker must be controlled. Moreover, the separation and beneficiation methods used by different tungsten sands are also different, so we must select qualified and reliable products and consult professional technicians.

钨精矿 - Gravitational separation, how is tungsten sand selected?

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