Sustainable De-Plating Gold Solutions: Korean Customer Evaluates Innovative Technology

Korean Customer Tests Eco-Friendly Gold De-Plating Agent in Dasenmining Lab
January 23, 2024 – In a testament to our commitment to developing environmentally friendly gold processing solutions, our laboratory recently welcomed Mr. Park, a representative from a South Korean pharmaceutical company (Customer MR. KIM [JOEY]). Mr. Park was on-site to conduct a series of experimental tests on our innovative gold dressing agents.

Focus on Sustainable De-Plating:

With growing concerns over environmental impact, eco-friendly gold de-plating agents are becoming increasingly important in the gold ore cyanidation process. Our company is at the forefront of this movement, developing solutions that effectively remove gold while minimizing environmental harm.

Experiment Details:

Mr. Park meticulously conducted a series of five de-plating experiments, each utilizing a different gold dressing agent with varying active ingredient content. The testing focused on three key factors:

Chemical Reaction: Assessing the interaction between the gold dressing agent and the customer’s provided electronic gold-plated parts.
Dissolution Time: Measuring the time required for the gold dressing agent to dissolve the gold plating.
Solution & Precipitate Analysis: Evaluating the color and precipitate formation within the reaction solution. The quality of the gold dressing agent is often determined by these visual indicators, alongside dissolution speed.

Gold Solutions - Sustainable De-Plating Gold Solutions: Korean Customer Evaluates Innovative Technology

Testing Equipment:

To ensure accurate and consistent results, Mr. Park employed a variety of specialized laboratory instruments and reagents:

50ml beakers (x1)
10ml graduated pipettes (x1)
Basic burette (x1)
Plastic droppers (x1)
Testing Agent (preparation method): 1.7331 grams of silver nitrate dissolved in distilled water to a final volume of 1000ml within a brown volumetric flask. This solution was then stored in a cool, light-protected environment.
Chromogen: 0.02-0.05 grams of p-dimethylaminobenzylidene rhodanine (C12H12N2OS2), also known as rose red silver reagent or test silver reagent, dissolved in 100ml of acetone and stored in a brown reagent bottle for light protection.

Promising Results:

The successful completion of these experiments demonstrates the potential of our gold dressing agents to provide a reliable and environmentally responsible solution for the Korean pharmaceutical industry and beyond. We look forward to collaborating further with Customer MR. KIM [JOEY] and Mr. Park to refine and optimize this innovative technology.

Gold Solutions1 1 - Sustainable De-Plating Gold Solutions: Korean Customer Evaluates Innovative Technology