Copper Processing

Oman Client Visited DASEN Factory for Copper Processing

Today we received a copper mine customer from Oman. We took the customer to visit our factory, and explained to the customer about copper ore processing equipment and discussed copper processing technology.

Following our lead, as you can see, the bottom left picture is to discuss the copper ore beneficiation process, and the bottom right picture is to visit the flotation concentrator.

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For most copper in the world, flotation separation is still the main method to obtain copper concentrates. Chemical agents are generally required, which causes little environmental pollution. However, flotation separation has a great impact on copper ore and copper ore miners. , So it is still widely used. It is now used worldwide.
There are several links in the flotation separation of copper ore: feed-crushing-grinding (this is very important, the quality of grinding directly affects the flotation efficiency.
Under the detailed explanation, customers are very satisfied with our equipment and services.

A copper mine’s beneficiation method and process should be selected based on its specific characteristics. There are many manufacturers in the industry of beneficiation equipment now, so the selection is more diverse. In the selection process, it is suggested that we should first understand our own minerals, perform a mineral analysis and test, a small beneficiation test, and then perform targeted type matching using beneficiation indicators.

Presently, the flotation process for copper ore continues to improve, and copper ore flotation technology has also made great strides, but further development is needed to carry out efficient flotation processing.

Besides, if you are also interested in the copper ore flotation process, pls feel free to contact me.

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