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Improvements in copper molybdenum polymetallic flotation?

Copper molybdenum polymetallic ore and tailings flotation method improvement, copper concentrates with grades of 12% to 18% will undergo technical reforms.

In the flotation process of copper molybdenum polymetallic ores, the sulfur content and floatability have a large impact on the whole flotation process and indexes. Mollybdenum mineral flotation uses kerosene as collector, and the floatability difference of gangue also affects the process index.

Original process involves closed-circuit grinding, copper molybdenum mixed flotation, separation, and sulfur flotation.

flotation tailings - Improvements in copper molybdenum polymetallic flotation?

More than ten years ago, the copper concentrator was in stable production according to this process before Dasen mining became involved. Copper concentrate has a grade of about 12%, and its recovery rate is about 55%. Molybdenum concentrate grade is more than 45%, and molybdenum concentrate recovery rates are 78%.

Engineers at Dasen mining found there was still room for improvement in the copper molybdenum mixed flotation process, so they adjusted the dosage of the two agents. After changing the dosage of the reagent, the grade of copper concentrate reaches more than 18% and the recovery rate of copper concentrate reaches 82%. Molybdenum concentrate grade and recovery remain unchanged. Dasen mining was not satisfied with the improvement in the copper recovery rate and tried to continuously improve it in the copper molybdenum mixed flotation operation, but during this process, he encountered deteriorations in the flotation conditions of the separation operation, and the overall index subsequently fell. The process index appears to have peaked. However, I did not give up and tried the less popular mixed floating method.

Through the unremitting efforts of the engineers at Dasen mining, the whole process flow is simple, and the power savings are evident. About 90% of the copper is recovered, and the grade of copper concentrate is over 18%. The recovery rate of molybdenum concentrate is approximately 82 percent, and the grade of molybdenum concentrate exceeds 46 percent. The customer is very satisfied with the results of Dasen mining’s flotation technology improvement.

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