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How to find native silver?

In the world, native silver resources are mainly distributed along the circumpacific belt, Guya metallogenic belt, Tethys Himalayan metallogenic belt, and Precambrian greenstone granite terrane. About 60 countries and regions around the world have proved industrial deposits, but the reserves are concentrated in South and North America, especially Canada, the United States, Mexico, Peru and Bolivia, accounting for more than half of the world’s silver reserves.

Raw silver ore prospecting mark
1. Low-temperature alteration and mineralization zones, such as secondary quartzitization, pyrite sericitization, baritization, bingchang petrochemical, montmorillonite, silicification, iron carbonation, iron manganese clay lithification, structural alteration lithification, etc;
2. Arsenic antimony bismuth mercury sulfide and sulfur salt mineral belt;
3. Iron manganese oxidation zone;
4. Copper, lead, zinc, tin, tungsten, manganese ore area and periphery;
5. Black rock series area;
6. Silver geochemical anomaly area.

银矿 - How to find native silver?


Native silver Note points:

1. When using the geochemical anomaly of silver to find silver ore, we should pay attention to distinguishing the artificial large-area silver anomaly caused by artificial rainfall or artificial snowfall, so as not to be misleading. Because artificial rainfall (snow) uses antiaircraft guns and rockets to launch shells from the ground. After the shells explode in the cloud, the silver iodide and other catalysts in the shells are burned into smoke and scattered in the cloud, rapidly cooling and condensing the water mist in the cloud.
2. In addition to looking for CO-associated silver deposits in copper, lead, zinc, tin, tungsten, and manganese ore areas, attention should be paid to looking for independent silver deposits with less sulfide. For example, independent silver deposits can often occur in fault structural alteration zones with less sulfide.

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