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How do we find the stones that gold hidden inside?

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How do we find the stones that contain hidden gold, to know what type of rock is gold associated with?

You must see that the minerals most common in placer deposits are : platinum, iridose magnetite, iron pyrites, ilmenite, zircon, garnets, rutile and varieties wolfram shelit.

Brookite and diamonds are less common. In oriferous quartz loads the minerals most commonly associated with gold are iron and copper pyrites zinc blend galena and tetradomite. The sulfides present in oriferous quartz usually contain gold.
The gold in such ore is usually in part quite free.
Disseminated through the quartz in which visible grains of the metal often occur and in part locked up in the pyrites, whence but little can, in general be extracted by mercury
Traces of gold at least were present wherever pyrites could be found and absent when no pyrites could be detected.

The gold is in all probability in the metallic sate in pyrites. Among minerals other than sulfides which contain gold, the tellurides are of most importance in metallurgy.

Gold is most often found in very small amounts mixed with other materials. Experienced gold prospectors rarely look for gold but rather look for rocks and rock formations that are known to hold gold.

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