How can we use eco-friendly gold leaching reagent?

The method of using the eco-friendly gold leaching reagent is the same as that of sodium cyanide:
Step 1: When using, the aqueous solution and pulp solution are first adjusted to be alkaline, and the pH of the solution is adjusted to 10-11;
Step 2: During the entire leaching process, the alkalinity of the pulp is always maintained at ph10-11;
Step 3: Add gold recovery reagents, and keep the concentration of gold extracting agent in the pulp or aqueous solution between 10-15/10,000 during the whole leaching process.

green chemicals dasenmining - How can we use eco-friendly gold leaching reagent?

Eco-Gold Leaching Extraction Agent Concentration Detection Method:
a. Use a 10mI pipette to extract 10ml of the liquid to be tested (the slurry containing the drug) and put it into the conical flask; (filter with filter paper first, filter out the mud and impurities in the slurry, and then test.)
b. Take 2-5 drops (about 0.1ml) of color developer from the dropper and add it into the conical flask, the color of the liquid will become light yellow;
c. Use an acid burette to slowly drop the test agent into the conical flask (shake the conical flask while titrating, observe the color change, and pay attention to the titration under natural light);
d. When the color of the liquid changes from light yellow to light red, it is the titration endpoint
e. The number of milliliters of the test agent consumed is the concentration in ten-thousands of the test solution (titration concentration of the liquid medicine). If 0.7ml is consumed, the concentration is 0.7/10,000 (ie 0.07%); if 1.0ml is consumed, Then the concentration is one ten-thousandth (ie 0.1%); and so on.
Step 4: After the titration results come out, look at the results. When the concentration is not enough between 10-15 per ten thousand, add more medicine.

Test Environmental Type Leaching Agent:
Preparation method: add 1.7331 g of silver nitrate to distilled water to make up a volume of 1000 ml in a brown volumetric flask, and store in a cool place away from light.
Preparation method: add 0.02~0.05 grams of p-dimethylaminobianyl rhodanine (C12H12N2OS2, also known as rose red silver reagent, test Yinling) to 100 ml of acetone, and store in a brown reagent bottle away from light)

gold leaching agent and cyanide free - How can we use eco-friendly gold leaching reagent?

Instruments and reagents required for detection:
① One 50ml beaker
② One 10ml pot-bellied pipette
③ One alkaline burette
④ 1 dropper with rubber head
⑤ Test reagent
⑥ Color developer

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