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In Myanmar, is tungsten-tin ore suitable for beneficiation?

Xi’an Dasen mining was commissioned by a tungsten tin mining company in Myanmar to test the beneficiation process and conduct research on samples of tungsten tin ore in Myanmar from July to August 2019. A detailed experimental study will be conducted on the mineral dressing process flow according to the symbiotic relationship and embedding characteristics […]

Improvements in copper molybdenum polymetallic flotation?

Copper molybdenum polymetallic ore and tailings flotation method improvement, copper concentrates with grades of 12% to 18% will undergo technical reforms. In the flotation process of copper molybdenum polymetallic ores, the sulfur content and floatability have a large impact on the whole flotation process and indexes. Mollybdenum mineral flotation uses kerosene as collector, and the […]

How do oxidized copper extraction process and oxidized lead-zinc ore get beneficiated?

Most people believe the oxidized copper extraction process and oxidized lead-zinc ore are relatively difficult to beneficiate, especially oxidized lead-zinc ore. The main recovery objects of copper oxide and lead-zinc oxide ores are carbonates, but why is there such a big difference between copper carbonate, lead carbonate, and zinc carbonate? Are there any methods to […]

how the “pseudo” multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher came to be?

Dasen mining received a customer’s response to the equipment problem, which stated that the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is difficult to use, has poor effects, and still fails frequently. We discovered that the “multi cylinder” cone break that the customer used was to replace the external spring with a hydraulic cylinder, which caused a series […]

Have you ever heard of lead zinc sulphide flotation process?

The lead zinc sulphide flotation process is traditionally done by flotation of lead, followed by flotation of zinc, followed by flotation of sulfur, or flotation of lead, followed by flotation of zinc, followed by flotation of sulfur. Due to different grades of raw ore, the mineral floatability is also different; particle size varies with the […]

What types of magnetic separation of ore are there?

Currently, magnetic separation of ore are used at home and abroad, and they use different classification methods. Here are the different classification methods according to their characteristics.   1. Magnetic separators may be classified based on their magnetic source, such as permanent magnetic separators and electromagnetic separators. 2. Based on the strength of the magnetic […]

What are the steps involved in cyanide heap leaching?

As mentioned in the previous article, Dasen mining focused on “From lead-zinc ore, how can silver mining process?” Furthermore, heap leaching is used to treat minerals. Next, we will discuss how cyanide heap leaching works. 1.Construction of heap leaching site. Hoard leaching sites are typically located in gentle slope mountain areas close to mining and […]

From lead-zinc ore, how can silver mining process?

How to extract silver from lead-zinc ore by heap leaching? The first step is to determine whether the lead-zinc ore is sulfide or oxidized, and whether the silver is angular silver ore, natural silver and silver pyroxene, which are easy to dissolve in cyanide solution, or dark red silver ore, light red silver ore, selenium […]

What kinds of flotation reagents are there?

In nature, most minerals have poor floatability, which must be improved by flotation reagents, and this improvement must be selective, meaning it can only improve the floatability of one mineral or a group of minerals, but can often weaken the floatability of other minerals. It is important for flotation to be widely used in mineral […]

What technologies are used in gold processing?

Our company has summarized a variety of gold processing schemes, which are mainly based on the different properties of gold ore, and the washing schemes employed are also different. Combined beneficiation is used to recover gold from some grade ores. Following is a detailed description of the gold dressing methods used for different gold ores: […]