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Testing the Beneficiation of Water Soluble Copper Ores

The Beneficiation Testing of Water Soluble Copper Ore (Sea Blue Copper) Hello, everyone, this is Niko from Dasen Mining Machinery. Today, we will introduce you the Beneficiation Testing of Water Soluble Copper Ore. This is that copper ore from Columbia, which is relatively rare. And the customer wants to do the copper ore gravity +flotation […]

Beneficiation and process of non-ferrous metals according to conventional methods

The vast majority of non-ferrous metals are beneficiated with flotation, a small part with magnetic separation and gravity separation, and some with chemical separation and electric separation. As a result of differences in mineral physical or chemical characteristics, existing beneficiation processes dissociate minerals so as to select qualified concentrates. The flotation method involves crushing and […]

High Recovery Rate Environmentally Friendly Gold Extraction Agent

Hello erveryone, this is Michelle, I am a beneficiation worker from Dasen Mining. Since the late 19th century, cyanide has been widely used in gold ore leaching and it still in use today. However, cyanide has many shortcomings in the gold ore leaching process. The most obvious disadvantage is that cyanide as a dangerous product, has extremely high requirements in […]

What are the best places to find placer gold?

First, you need to research where there are gold mines nearby. Then, pick out places with streams near the gold mine site. Third, select the stream that is far from the village. Finally, take your sand screening equipment and start trying your luck in the pre-selected stream closest to the gold mine. ① The most […]

Environmentally friendly precious metal beneficiation process production line?

A chemical wet flotation process has been used in precious metal ore beneficiation for hundreds of years, which is better suited to large-scale production and high-valued income ore beneficiation. After long-term mining, coupled with the excellent physical properties of precious metals, the demand for industrialization has greatly increased, and the rich ores are becoming less […]

Using ore slag and barren solution for pit leaching?

As a method of gold leaching, pit leaching has the characteristics of simple process, less investment in large equipment, relatively low overall cost, quick effect and high recovery rate, and is widely used in gold mines. This video wants to tell you about the treatment of ore slag and barren solution. The pit leaching process is as follows, […]

Spodumene is processed by experiment for lithium extraction

Spodumene can be beneficiated by hand selection and flotation. Positive flotation and reverse flotation are flotation methods. Positive flotation is a common method. After high concentrations, strong stirring, multiple washings and deslimings of sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate pulp, adding fatty acids (such as oleic acid) as collectors to directly float spodumene, it is possible […]

Lithium mineral recovery is affected by what factors?

When the pH of the Lithium mineral pulp is 5.5-6.0, the recovery rate is 78%, while the recovery rate can be improved when the alkylamine salt is used for flotation in an alkaline medium (pH is 7.5-9.5). to 90% to 92%. When the alkylamine salt is used as the collector, ferric chloride (300~500g/t) can strongly […]

Can you tell me how you tested the copper metal?

In nature, sulfide minerals are subjected to the action of air or water oxygen and water ions to form oxidized minerals. Sulfide minerals form oxidized minerals when oxygen and water ions react with them in nature. The oxidation process usually occurs in the upper part of the deposit, and the thickness of the oxide layer […]

Markets, resources and processes for lithium in Spodumene

lithium spodumene crystals are usually columnar, granular, or plate-like and belong to the monoclinic system. Colors include gray-white, gray-green, purple or yellow, hardness is 6.5-7, and density is 3.03-3.22g/cm3. In the lithium chemical, glass, and ceramic industries, it is widely used as a raw material for lithium chemical products.   Adding lithium spodumene to the […]