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Dasen Nigeria Tantalum Tin Ore: Comprehensive EPC Services from Exploration to Ore Dressing

Project Overview The Dasen Mining Company’s newly established tantalum tin mine project in Nigeria is steadily progressing, encompassing a full range of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) services, from exploration, sampling, site selection and construction, to the equipment commissioning. Mine Area Highlights Located in the grassland region of Nigeria Convenient access to water sources, facilitating […]

Zambia Copper Ore Dressing Plant – The Fifth Stop of the African Journey

Zambia, an inland country in southern Africa known for its social stability and well-developed mining industry, with mining being one of the key pillars of its economy. The abundant mineral resources, especially copper mines, have brought significant economic benefits to Zambia. Dasen Mining team delves into the Zambia Copper Oxide Ore Dressing Technology, providing professional […]

DASEN Mining Attended The Fifth China Flotation Conference

The 5th China Flotation Conference, jointly organized by Shandong University of Science and Technology, Shandong University of Technology, Central South University, and other institutions, was grandly held in Jinan, Shandong from May 18th to 19th, 2024. As a leading mineral processing solution provider in the industry, Dasen Mining actively responded to the conference theme of […]

Tin exploration and beneficiation in Nigeria

Part Four: Conquering the 50-Meter Deep Mine Shaft – Farewell to Inefficient Manual Washing The journey of the Dasen Team in Africa continues, as this time we have arrived at another tin mine area in Nigeria. What sets this mine apart is the depth of its shaft, reaching over 50 meters! However, despite this deep […]

Dasenmining shipping electric selection equipment to Nigeria

Shipments of electric selection equipment are being made to Nigeria Our team is thrilled to announce the shipment of a full container filled with advanced mineral processing equipment to Nigeria! Tin, tantalum, niobium, and tungsten can be efficiently recovered by a powerful trio of electromagnetic separators, double roller magnetic separators, and single roller magnetic separators. […]

How do electrostatic separators differ?

The electrostatic separator is mainly used for dry type beneficiation, mainly targeting beach sand mines. such as zircon sand, monazite, and rutile. The electrostatic separator separates minerals based on their different electrical conductivity.   Many customers often inquire whether the electrostatic separator can be used to process gold? We can officially answer this question today. […]

Environmental Protection Statement of Gold Extracting Chemicals

For customers who value environmental protection, how to treat tailings after cyanide treatment to prevent environmental pollution is a significant issue. Today, we will provide a brief statement on this issue. Firstly, compared to sodium cyanide, environmentally friendly gold extracting chemicas is more environmentally friendly. However, if we delve deeper into their composition, they are […]