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The river has gold, how can it be cleaned?

1. There must be gold in the river. Otherwise, there is no way to find it.2. If there is gold in the river, use the specific gravity of gold to far exceed the characteristics of sediment, wash away the sediment with water, and you will find gold. In order to extract gold from alluvial gold, […]

Does anyone know what black sand is? What is its value?

In general, it is some fine powder of iron or other metal substances that can be sucked up with a magnet. In the sand and gravel factory, most of the placer gold is washed out as fine black sand. It is only through the special appraisal of the technical department that I can determine the […]

The process of flotation is affected by a number of factors

Many factors affect flotation, including grinding fineness, pulp concentration, flotation time, reagent system, pulp temperature, flotation process, water quality, and flotation equipment type. Flotation fineness requirements (flotation particle size) In the flotation process, the flotation particle size is closely related to the sorting index. The adhesion of ore particles and air bubbles is the basic […]

What is the secret to beneficiation spiral chutes?

Mineral processing has long used spiral chutes as a technology. It combines the characteristics of a shaking table and centrifugal concentrator, making it the best equipment for mining and mineral processing, especially for placer mining on seashores, riversides, sand beaches and streams. for the ideal. However, the old equipment also has its technical limitations. As […]

Spodumene is processed by experiment for lithium extraction

Spodumene can be beneficiated from hand selection and flotation. Positive flotation and reverse flotation are flotation methods. Positive flotation is a common method. After high concentrations, strong stirring, multiple washings and deslimings of sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate pulp, adding fatty acids (such as oleic acid) as collectors to directly float spodumene, it is possible […]

When using cyanide, how can you be sure that it is safe and effective?

In this article, we provide a brief overview of the use of cyanide in the recovery of gold from ores. While the use of cyanide is critical to the modern gold mining industry, Omori understands the concerns about the use of this sodium cyanide reagent for gold extraction and through this discussion provides information on […]

A separation and enrichment method for spodumene and beryl dressings

Both spodumene and beryl are aluminosilicate minerals, which often coexist in the same pegmatite deposit; because their minerals are non-magnetic, and their relative densities are close, and are similar to those of gangue minerals. Therefore, it is difficult to separate beryl and spodumene by magnetic separation and gravity separation, and only by flotation separation. On […]

Do you know the most important sulfide ore collectors?

Sulphide ore collector: The characteristic of this type of collector is that there is usually a solid group composed of divalent sulfur atoms inside the molecule, and at the same time, the molecular weight of the hydrophobic group is small, so it can collect sulfide minerals, but has no collection effect on gangue minerals such […]

How can dry magnetic separators be ensured to work?

1. Place the distribution plate at a distance from the magnetic roller. In the pre-selection process, the distance between the material distribution plate and the magnetic drum is crucial. When the material distribution partitions are too close together, the weaker magnetite nuggets can’t be recovered, which reduces the utilization rate of ore resources; if the […]

Using ore slag and barren solution for pit leaching?

As a method of gold leaching, the leaching pits system has the characteristics of a simple process, less investment in large equipment, relatively low overall cost, quick effect and high recovery rate, and is widely used in gold mines. This video wants to tell you about the treatment of ore slag and barren solution. The […]