【Project Time】05th, Dec.2018
【Equipment list】Double-roll separator, Four-roll separator, etc.

Recycling is a problem we have been discussing. Our Polish customer sent us his material pictures about the separation of aluminum and plastic. And send samples to us for experiments. Based on these samples, we first judged that it contains a small amount of copper. According to this characteristic, it is most suitable to use our double-roll separator and four-roll separator.

物料 - Mixture of Few Copper Wire and Lots of Plastics

The two pieces of equipment break the aluminum-plastic materials to the state that aluminum, copper, and plastic are completely separated. The material diameter is more than 2mm. The non-ferrous metals in the mixed materials are separated by the electric separator. The non-ferrous metal copper and aluminum bounce out with force, and the non-magnetic metal materials and plastics fall freely.
The double-roll separator and four-roll separator can effectively and continuously separate the non-ferrous metals “copper” and “aluminum” in the aluminum-plastic mixture at one time, so as to achieve the recycling of waste materials, with good economic benefits and prevent environmental pollution.
The two separators selected by Dasen mining have the advantages of high separation accuracy, large processing capacity, stable equipment, and low failure rate.

设备 - Mixture of Few Copper Wire and Lots of Plastics

The equipment has been packaged and shipped to Poland.


The waste aluminum-plastic crushing and sorting equipment adopt the method of physical crushing and electrostatic separation to separate the aluminum-plastic. First, the medicine board is roughly crushed into pieces of less than 10mm through a knife-cutting crusher and then enters the high-speed water-cooled turbine crusher to fine the pieces. The aluminum and plastic mixtures are packed into a mixture of aluminum and plastic, and the materials that meet the requirements are screened by a rotary vibrating screen. The aluminum and plastic are separated by the principle of an electrostatic separator, and the unqualified materials are returned to the mill to continue pulverization. The loss of aluminum and plastic is very low, and the reuse rate of aluminum is close to more than 99%. This equipment uses complete dry physical separation, does not cause secondary environmental pollution, and has good social and economic benefits.

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