【Project Time】10th, Apr. 2019
【Raw ore】 Hematite
【Process 】Gravity
【Recovery Rate】 60%

Raw iron is mainly magnetite and hematite, the iron ore is uneven in thickness, and the gangue mineral is quartz. After a comprehensive analysis of raw ore properties, Dasen mining decided to adopt the process flow of stage grinding and gravity magnetic reverse flotation. After one grinding, about 60% of coarse-grained concentrate and tailings can be obtained. Then, with a simple gravity separation process, the qualified coarse-grained concentrate can be separated in time, coarse-grained tailings can be discarded, and strong magnetic reverse flotation tailings can be used for fine-grained tailings.

赤铁矿 - 100 Ton per day Hematite gravity processing plant in Malaysia

The hematite beneficiation process flow of Dasen mining can design specific process flow according to specific ore properties. At the same time, it can also provide supporting hematite beneficiation equipment to ensure that the production line meets the standard and reaches the production capacity.

The process has the dual characteristics of economic rationality and advanced technology. The final indicators are: the beneficiation grade is 28.15%, the concentrate grade is 63.95%, and the tailings grade is 11%, which greatly improves the beneficiation technical indicators. At the same time, the new beneficiation equipment and high-efficiency beneficiation reagent have played a good role, greatly promoted the progress of hematite beneficiation technology in this area, and have been highly praised by the partners.

Dasen Mining worked to achieve high recovery of gold and other valuable minerals by cutting costs and maximizing benefits and attaching great importance to workers’ safety, environmental protection, and energy conservation.

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